Mobile Foot care treatments provided in your own home.  No Clinic appointments

Services & Treatments


  • Bunions treated

  • Corns removed

  • Calluses (Hard Skin) reduced

  • Cracked heels treatment

  • Thickened nails treated

  • Ingrown toenail treatment

  • Verruca treatment

  • All of the above to relieve foot pain

  • Toenail cutting service including filing

  • Diabetic footcare provided

  • Foot cream applied dependent on clients needs and massaged into both feet to complete the treatment

I only use sterile or sterile single use utensils and implements., so there is no cross-contamination between clients, within statutory requirements of the profession. The dressings I use are sterile and hypoallergenic.   


Treatment costs £30.00 and up to 45 minutes of treatment.  All of the above are included in the   price, and treated where needed. All creams, ointments, dressings & paddings applied where necessary and included in the price.


  • * General Footcare Treatment:  £30.00

  • General Footcare and Fingernail cutting and filing and fingernail and toe nailing varnish/polish (if required):  £45.00

  • General Footcare Treatment and Foot soak and foot scrub treatment:  £45.00

  • Prende Warn Wax Therapy Treatment:  £35.00

  • General footcare and Prende Warm Wax Therapy:  £60.00

If you require anything other than 'General Footcare', let me know before your appointment.




* Prices based on Rowley Regis and surrounding area.  If you are outside of this area, cost is £35.00.  If you want to know the price before the appointment, just ask for clarity.  Thank you

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