• General Footcare Treatment:  £35.00

  • General Footcare and Fingernail cutting and filing:  £50.00

  • General Footcare Treatment and Foot soak and foot scrub treatment:  £50.00

  • General Footcare Treatment, Fingernail cutting and filing and Foot soak and foot scrub treatment:  £65.00

  • Fungal nail reduction and nail polish bottle to keep:  £50.00 (for more information see webpage: ' fungal nail reduction/polish')




General Footcare Treatments cost £35.00 and include:


  • Bunions treated

  • Corns removed

  • Calluses (Hard Skin) reduced

  • Cracked heels treatment

  • Thickened nails treated

  • Ingrown toenail treatment

  • Verruca treatment

  • All of the above to relieve foot pain

  • Toenail cutting service including filing

  • Diabetic footcare provided

  • Foot cream applied dependent on clients needs and massaged into both feet to complete the treatment

  • Travel costs to and from appointment

I only use sterile or sterile single use utensils and implements., so there is no cross-contamination between clients, within statutory requirements of the profession. The dressings I use are sterile and hypoallergenic.   


Treatment costs £35.00 and up to 45 minutes of treatment.  All of the above are included in the   price, and treated where needed. All creams,   ointments, dressings & paddings applied where necessary and included in the price.


These prices reflect the present financial climate as regards the personal cost to myself when purchasing the essentials I need to do my job, given the inflatable prices due to the coronavirus pandemic.  I am none negotiable on price.  

I recommend clients to have the 'foot soak and foot scrub treatment' prior to 'general footcare', especially if feet have not been 'cared for' for a long time, as it is not always the best approach to provide 'general footcare' when the feet are not hygienely visible, as they may just need a good clean before providing a 'general footcare' treatment.

If you require anything other than 'General Footcare', let me know before your appointment.

Please be aware the prices here are the prices you need to pay.  If you have seen the prices for less on another website, then that price is wrong.  If in doubt of price, please always ask me the price before your appointment, so there is no confusion.